Providing Evidence to the Public Inquiry

Many who wrote objection letters to the Department for Transport last Nov/Dec should by now have had notification letters regarding the Public Inquiry which will be held starting Aug 11th 2015 and basic instructions on how to submit evidence to the inquiry if they wish to do so. It is not necessary to speak at the public inquiry (although a number of people have expressed a desire to do so and this is fine) but it is important to submit written evidence to the inquiry to make sure your views are taken into account.

Lincolnshire County Council have summarised the objections received and provided a generic response to some of the points raised in the objection letter. We understand that LCC will not be responding individually to objectors. The following page on LCC’s web site contains a list of objectors (Appendix 1 – Table of Objectors and Supporters) and their main Statement of Case (Lincoln Eastern Bypass Statement of Case). The Statement of Case contains LCC’s responses to objectors letters in section 14.

LCC Statement of Case Documents

Please note that your original objection letter should be carried forward as evidence but you can if you wish resubmit the text of your original letter as evidence including any updates, additions or changes as appropriate.

You can resubmit the text of your letter (we recommend reformatting into a separate document rather than leaving in in letter format) to the inquiry as evidence. This document is called proof of evidence. Proofs of evidence will need to be submitted by 10th July 2015 and can be submitted to the following contact details:

Brenda Taplin, Programme Officer
or by mail at:

Persona Associates
1st Floor Bailey House
Barttelot Road
Horsham RH12 1DQ

If you wish to speak at the Public Inquiry you need to submit the form sent to you after the Pre-Inquiry meeting. If you do not have this form or require further details of how to speak you should contact the Inquiry Administrators. Further details are at:

Inquiry Administrators

Further details of the Public Inquiry are available on the following link. LCC will be adding documents to this page as the inquiry approaches.

Public Inquiry Documents

Please note that we are not legally qualified and cannot provide legal advice. The above is general advice which some may find useful. If you feel you need further, more detailed or legal advice you may need to obtain your own legal advice.



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