LCC calls for local people to fight plans to close road

Lincolnshire County Council has called for plans to close a local road to be abandoned. Richard Davies Executive Councillor for Highways is quoted in todays (18/12/2014) Lincolnshire Echo as saying:

This isn’t a threat we should taking lying down,” he said.

“It would be a massive setback for the city, to the local economy and would split the place into two.

“I’ve had a lot of people and businesses contact me over the last few days, worried about what would happen if it was to be shut down permanently.”

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The article then goes on to say that the closure is strongly opposed by local businesses but the body proposing the closure has the power to force the closure through. Local people have been consulted and are against the proposals but it is likely they will go ahead regardless of local opinion.

Before anyone gets too excited that sense has been seen and this relates to Hawthorn Road we’re sorry to disappoint everyone that this relates to the Brayford Wharf East level crossing. Further details are in the echo article.

But…and without minimising what is a serious issue for City Centre …..Oh the Irony!!!


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