Post DfT Meeting Thoughts

One very definite point which came out of the meeting yesterday was that in the view of the Minister and the DfT senior officials the funding for the bypass was not at risk. They pointed out that spending plans are by necessity long term plans and don’t just terminate due to normal delays to a road scheme or because of an election.

The DfT felt that they may not have made this clear enough in their earlier letter to MP for Lincoln, Karl McCartney. This may have left some doubt in Lincolnshire County Council’s mind that there were some scenarios where the funding was still at risk of being withdrawn. The Minister said he would write again to LCC setting out more clearly that the funding was ring fenced within the roads funding programme and was not at risk due to reasonable delays or elections.

When LCC receive this letter it will hopefully provide them with the reassurance they need to look again at the issue of Hawthorn Road as LCC Leader Martin Hill offered in his radio interview the day after the public meeting in November.


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